Baby Bedding

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Baby Bedding

It's difficult to get your infant to sleep after a long day. We make it easier for new parents to rock their babies to sleep without making a peep. Cuddle your tiny ones in the softest linens for a pleasant sleep from select brands like Miss & Chief, My NewBorn, A Little Swag, A to Z Hub, ACCESSORIES HUB, and more by browsing our assortment.

Ensure your baby has a good night's sleep with baby bedding.

Your bed could be comfortable for you, but it might not be for your child. As a result, you must get comfortable and cosy baby bedding for him or her. Are you unsure what it is? In its most basic form, baby bedding is simply a bed for an infant to sleep in. A cot bumper, soft padding for your infant to lie on, and sheets to cover the mattress are all recommended. Some bedding sets also include a comforter or fleece blanket to keep your baby toasty warm. If this is your first time purchasing a bedding set, here are some items to consider:

Bantoo Quilt Cover Set

Bantoo Bedding Set's cotton fabric and recron filling provide you a comfortable and pleasant bedding option. Your infant may relax and enjoy themselves while playing on this bedding set. The gaddi set's plush padding will ensure that your baby has a good night's sleep every time. The supplied baby cushion is ideal for newborns since it supports your baby's head in a healthy, natural position while sleeping.


  • What to Get for a Baby Shower
  • Natural cotton fabric
  • It has two pillowcase sets in the package.
  • It's also convenient since it features a zipped net to keep bugs out.

Introducing the LuvLap Baby Bedding Set

Your child will have a comfortable night's sleep on the polyfill mattress, pillow, and under the mosquito net included with this set. For newborns and above, the 100% cotton crib bedding is the most comfortable option. Your baby will sleep soundly on the plush mattress top and be safe from mosquito bites thanks to the lightweight, collapsible mosquito net. Additionally, the fact that it folds flat simplifies transport and storage. The convenient plastic bag that comes with the baby bedding set makes it ideal for transport.


  • Cotton that has been certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow.
  • Ideal for usage year-round
  • Don't let anything like SIDS happen to your baby.
  • Lightweight and collapsible

Mini Bedding Set Superminis

The set consists of a cotton mosquito net, a mattress covered in a vivid digital pattern, and a matching cushion of the same design. The linked mosquito net is convenient and multipurpose due to its two-way zip fasteners. This bedding is so thick and long-lasting that you may sleep soundly on it for up to nine months. Depending on the baby's development and size, it may be worn for as long as a year. The net can be folded up into a small size and stored easily, making it suitable for usage in any weather. The fact that the fabric can be washed in a machine makes it simple to maintain the set's pristine condition.


  • Ideal for up to 9 Months
  • Pad for a standard size crib mattress
  • Quality net
  • Fabric is machine washable and meets the global organic textile standard.

Stylish Crib Sheets

Including a cosy mattress, net, and sleeping bag, this set is ideal for your infant. The cotton construction of the mattress is kind on your child's skin, and its compact size and light weight make it convenient for transport. The neck pillow and mosquito net work together to keep your infant comfy while they sleep; the former gives a healthy dose of air and the latter ensures pesky insects at bay. This set will help your child relax and get a good night's rest wherever you are.


  • Lightweight
  • Fabricated entirely from organic materials.
  • Excellent choice for a one-year-first old's bed.
  • Includes sleeping bags
  • Plus, you should bring some extra bedding.

Bedding for NEW ARRIVALs

All of the pieces in this set—the white cotton-covered mattress, pillow, and bolsters—are filled with soft micro recron. The gorgeous baby quilt displayed in the nursery is constructed entirely of organic materials, ensuring the infant's safety and comfort. The cover can be removed and washed with ease, and the eco-friendly colours are hypoallergenic and very absorbent. This set serves several purposes, from crib bedding to sleep mat to tummy time mat to baby massage mat. The bolster pillow is ideal for naps, plays, and travel due to its lightweight construction and compact size.


  • Comfortable
  • Simple to take care of
  • To the benefit of new parents
  • Comprised of a bedspread, flat sheet, and pillowcase
  • Machine-washable

Bedding Set Designed By Jig

The only baby bed and lounger designed for co-sleeping, jig's product is perfect for infants and toddlers. This modern baby cocoon is stylish and functional, serving as a suitable alternative to a traditional bassinet, crib, or stroller. Because it is reversible, you can quickly switch the cocoon's primary colour by simply turning it inside out. The provided carrying case also makes it simple to transport your finished jig.


  • Convertible, machine-washable, and available in two sizes, this small crib has two distinct looks.
  • Soft and lightweight; breathable
  • Minimalist and transportable

Bed with a "R" for "Rabbit"

When you're on the road, this crib is ideal for your baby. It's composed of 100% cotton, so it's safe and comfy for your kid since it breathes well and isn't stiff. Plus, its small build makes it convenient for transport. The baby-friendly safety barrier pillows are adorable and will be a big hit. This is the best crib for your infant whether you're on a trip or simply doing errands around town.


  • In addition to being antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Built from 100% organic cotton
  • Various patterns and hues are readily accessible.
  • Prices are fair
  • Long-lasting thanks to double stitching

Baby Bedding by Nagar International, Inc.

Your child will sleep well on this robust, collapsible bedding set. The mattress's high walls and sturdy mesh design will keep your youngster safe, and they won't be able to roll off. The mosquito net will keep your youngster safe from annoying insects, and the lightweight, portable form makes it ideal for travel. You can trust that your kid will be secure and comfortable in this high-quality plastic wire frame.


  • The ability to be washed in a washing machine
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for infants.