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Baby Proofing Safety

It is strongly advised that you begin baby-proofing your home at least three months before your due date. Now, when you walk into your home while carrying your baby, it will be ideal for your child to grow up in. SYGA, Adore, Lifekrafts, Kurtzy, Miss & Chief, and many other brands offer baby-proofing and baby-safety kits.

Covers for Electric Sockets:

When your child begins to crawl, you must pay special attention to him or her. Electrical sockets and outlets in your home may be at a height that your baby can reach. Everything around them piques the interest of children. When babies see holes and sockets, they want to know what happens when they put their fingers in them. You would not want your child to stick his or her fingers into electrical sockets. So, baby-proof your home with electrical socket covers from Adore and Life Crafts.

Locks for Baby’s Safety:

Cupboards, drawers, and doors pose a significant risk to your child at home. Your baby may begin pulling on drawers and opening doors/cupboards, injuring himself/herself in the process. You can keep your drawers, cupboards, and doors shut with child-safety door locks and baby-safety locks from brands like Miss & Chief, SYGA, and Life Crafts.

Guards for the edges and corners:

The edges of your household furniture can be extremely dangerous to your child. Your child may run into the edge of the bed or a table corner and severely injure himself/herself. If your child has hit his or her head on the corners, he or she may have suffered a concussion. Concussions at a young age may have far-reaching consequences later in life. By installing edge guards on sharp corners, you can avoid such scenes. Corner and edge guards are available online from companies such as Lifekrafts, Mopslik, and BabySafeHouse.