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It can be challenging to find the greatest chimney in India because there are so many reputable manufacturers giving their best products. The collection includes anything from a filterless kitchen chimney to an auto-clean kitchen chimney. As a result, we've compiled a list of the top chimney options for your ideal home. In your home, a kitchen chimney is necessary. You should invest in a good chimney if you want a smoke-free home and a grease-free kitchen. Later on, you can consult the Kitchen Chimney Size Chart. This post will give you a full review of the Best Chimney brand in India, including its features, advantages and disadvantages, and comparisons to help you make a more informed selection. Also, a fast purchase guide for the same is available.

Quick Buying Guide for the Best Chimney in India

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A Chimney Size: There are two sizes available in India: 60cm for three or fewer burners and 90cm for more than three burners.


The average suction power available in India is 1200 m3/hour. Both the 60 cm and the 90 cm use it.

A chimney produces a noise of 58 decibels (dB).

Easy to Clean

Auto-clean chimneys make cleaning a chimney easier, but they are more expensive. You can also do your own laundry.

Glass Kitchen Chimney

This kitchen chimney is under 10 kg in weight, 48 x 60 x 60 cm in size, and less than 58 dB in decibel volume. The gadget offers touch control, auto clean, and a working voltage of 180 watts. It has a curved glass body and works with a 2-4 burner stove.

Auto Clean Chimney

The kitchen chimney that is most sought after in India is Faber. They are well known for being India's leading chimney producers. The Faber kitchen chimney has improved suction power and reduces noise and dirt in the kitchen. When cooking with a suction capacity of 1500 m3/hour, you may forget about gases and odors.

Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

This black chimney is 60 x 48.09 x 47.09 cm in size, weighs 11.95 kg, and only produces noises up to 58 dB. With a suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr and size suited for one 2-4 burner stove, the chimney is suitable for kitchens larger than 200 square feet.

Sensor Kitchen Chimney

The Inalsa gas wall-mounted kitchen chimney has a curved glass top and is highly fashionable. With this contemporary chimney, your kitchen will appear different. The best aspect of the design is the chimney hood, which boosts the chimney's effectiveness. The Inalsa Chimney, which also keeps debris out of the kitchen, allows for dust-free cooking.

V-guard A20 90cm Kitchen Chimney

The body of the V-Guard kitchen design chimney is made of polished aluminium, and its canopy is made of curved glass. The A20 chimney gives your kitchen design a fresh appearance and goes well with the Indian style. The 1200 CFM suction power of this kitchen chimney makes it one of the best in its class.

Heavy Duty Baffle Filter

The item has 64 x 41 x 52.5 cm of dimensions. The fact that this chimney's maximum noise level is at 54 dB makes it an excellent investment. It features a double baffle filter that makes cooking smoke-free. The item weighs 11.7 kg and uses 1 KW of energy annually. The chimney might accommodate a corner wall-mounting pyramid chimney or a stove with 2-4 burners.