External Hard Disks

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External Hard Disks

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Purchase the appropriate hard disc and save all of your data safely online.

You may search for keywords like Toshiba hard disc, Seagate hard disc, and WD My Passport hard disc, which are all famous hard disc brands. To begin, what exactly is a hard disc? When it comes to storage solutions, hard drives are widely employed and are highly preferred by many.

Interesting Facts About Hard Disks' Origins

Did you know that the first hard disc was invented in 1953 by an IBM team of engineers? The hard disc at that time was the size of two refrigerators. IBM eventually carried on the heritage of hard disc development.

Companies like Seagate and Western Digital, popularly known as WD, introduced the first 3 TB hard disc drives around the turn of the millennium, followed by Toshiba, which delivered the first 4 TB drives.

A Hard Disk Drive's Components

If you're wondering what a hard disc drive is made of, it has a platter for storing data, an arm for reading or writing the data, and an actuator for controlling the arm's reading or writing operation.

The hard disc also has a thin protective layer that shields it from any type of unintentional harm as well as foreign materials that could damage it.