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Eyeliners For Sale On Best Price Mall

Have you ever wondered how the most popular girl in class manages to pull off that flawless winged eyeliner look every day? Are you a makeup newbie who finds it difficult to do her eyes? Do you adore celebs' beauty looks but have no idea how they achieve them? The best technique to attract someone's attention is to do up your eyes to make them look gorgeous and expressive. However, if you fight with it every day or spend a long time trying to achieve that flawless, lined look, something is wrong. We at Best Price Mall think that every woman has the right to look stunning every day of the year, and we want nothing more than to provide her with all of the tools she needs to accomplish her ideal cosmetics look. As a result, we are currently introducing our all-new eyeliner range in India. Bobbi Brown, Colorbar, Estee Lauder, L'Oréal, LA Girl, M.A.C, Lakme, Clinique, and more major beauty brands are available. That smouldering, smoky-eye look is only a few clicks away – browse our online range of eyeliners now.

Allow Your Eyes To Speak For You

The kajal was the first form of eyeliner, and it was formed from the soot left over from burning a mixture of oils or ghee. If you're scared that no matter how hard you try (after watching dozens of cosmetic tutorials), you won't be able to achieve that ideal eyeliner flick or smeared appearance, examine the composition and texture of your eyeliner. While people with greater skill with eye makeup use liquid liners for precise lines, a soft-tipped kajal pencil or gel eyeliner is excellent for a smokey-eye. Beginners, including college students, can use the all-new eyeliner pen because it is designed for easy, quick application.

 Eyeliners Don't Have To Be Black - They Can Be Any Colour

There are a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, all of which can be coordinated with the colour of your overall clothing. There's an eyeliner to suit every beauty requirement and budget, from deep, strongly saturated colour to softer colours, matte finish to frosty texture. Simply look through our selection and use the many virtual shopping filters to find the ideal item for you. Purchase a cosmetic pouch or case to hold all of your beauty needs.

For Lines That Are Clean And Crisp

Are you looking for something simple and long-lasting? Choose the Maybelline Colossal black eyeliner pen for a flawless finish and colour that lasts for hours without needing to be touched up. Do you want a natural, barely-there look? Choose a Clinique kajal pencil with a twist-up, no-sharpening mechanism; the deep black pigment may be worked anyway you want and lasts up to twelve hours. Do you want to play around with colours? Choose a royal blue L'Oréal gel eyeliner, apply it with an eyeliner applicator brush, then sit back and enjoy the stunning colour that lasts for 24 hours.

crayon eyeliner

The most common type of eyeliner used by ladies is eyeliner pencils. They come in a number of colours and are rather simple to use. A pencil is a tool that is comparable to a kohl stick. It is really cheap and you can also use it to make your waterline darker. An eye pencil is the best option if you enjoy the smudged, smokey appearance! The basic rules for using an eyeliner pencil are the same as those for using a regular pencil. If you're having trouble, you can always watch a tutorial or how-to video on applying eyeliner. Raise your head and align the pencil with your upper eyelid by positioning it to the side of your face.

Eyeliner Gel

Utilizing gel-based eyeliners applied with brushes is the simplest approach to start out with eyelining. They come in a variety of forms, and once applied, waterproofing them is pretty straightforward. If you want a more dramatic effect, the finest liquid eyeliner to utilise includes an angled brush. You have control over how thin or thick the eyeliner is formed, so you can effortlessly draw anything from a small line to a big cat eye. At first, mastering gel eyeliner can be frightening, but after you get the hang of it, you can apply it flawlessly.

Sketch pan eyeliner

If you want eyeliner that acts more like a marker than a pen, use a sketch pen eyeliner. They are quite easy to use, especially for beginners, thanks to the fine-point nibs of sketch pen eyeliners. They come in a variety of colours and are also very useful. The sketch pen eyeliners have a terrific property that is unusual among eyeliner pens—waterproofness. Sketch pen eyeliners are easy to apply and maintain. You require a lot of skill and experience to apply traditional pen-style eyeliner and get the perfect line.

Eyeliner Stick Waterproof

This is one of Stila's most well-liked eyeliners. Once used, the Smudge Sticks stay put and come in a variety of colours. They have moisturising ingredients that ensure the colour applies smoothly, without pulling or straining. Thanks to its waterproof construction, the lining won't budge or fade.

Eyeliners with Felt Tips

These use both liquid and pencil eyeliner techniques. Eyeliners with a felt tip are typically very pigmented and durable. These are useful for achieving cat-eye looks or really fine lines. Ariane Poole suggests applying this type of liner in front of your bathroom mirror. So that you can view your nostrils, tilt your head back. Holding the pen horizontally, run the tip down the base of your upper lashes. Longer eyelashes appear thanks to this technique.