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Indian Literature

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It is literature written originally in English by authors who are Indian by birth, ancestry, or nationality. It began as an interesting by-product of an eventual encounter in the late 18th century between a vigorous and enterprising Britain and a stagnant and chaotic India, and is now nearly two hundred years old. It is not a branch of English literature in the same way that American or Australian literature is not a branch of English literature. It is appropriately classified as Indian literature because its differentia is a manifestation of Indian ethos. Indian English Literature has been approved by the Sahitya Akademi as the most appropriate appellation for this corpus of work.

The term emphasises two key concepts: first, that this literature is one of many streams that join the great ocean known as Indian literature, which, despite being written in various languages, has an unmistakable unity; and second, that it is an unavoidable result of the nativization of the English language to express the India sensibility. Professor Naik, in an analytical, critical, and fascinating way, recounts the path of this history from its beginnings to contemporary times, separating it into convenient periods.