Cordlesspowertools Canada Online stores have a wide range of Inverter Products that are available in different types and prices. Popular brands like Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Dongcheng, Cumi, KPT, Ferm, Black Decker, Makita, Jon Bhandari, Ken, Metabo, Bullet, Planet Power, Stanley, Maktec, Ralli Wolf, AOG, Falcon, Hit-Min, IDeal, Eastman, Fein, Electrex, Craftsman, AEG, Zogo, Xtra Power, DCA, Yuri have a vast range of models available with different designs and functionalities. You can easily browse through the products, compare them and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Power outages, load shedding, and frequent power disruptions can be bothersome and upsetting at times. These interruptions can sometimes result in corporate losses due to a decrease in production. As a result, a good inverter arrangement might assist you in overcoming such challenges. It is necessary equipment for both home and office use in order to keep your everyday duties moving smoothly. Some of the better inverter arrangements may even provide backup power for home appliances, security systems, and other critical electrical equipment. You can choose from a wide range of brands, ranging from mid-range to high-end ones, depending on your specific demands. Luminous, RAPID POWER, Microtek, EXIDE, Eastman, Smarten, Maxine, Amaron, DAYSTAR SOLAR, UTL, SF SONIC, and a slew of more brands are among them. You can select an inverter that meets your needs from a variety of price points. If you're looking for an off-grid power solution, the Luminous NXG1100 solar power generator combination, which includes a power amplifier, solar panels, and a solar battery, is a good option. For business settings that demand a high-end configuration, Microtek i-MAXX and Eastman EPS 2 versions can be used. So, go online and get an inverter that suits your power requirements so that you may continue to use your electrical devices without interruption.

The Advantages of Using a Home Inverter

Electricity pervades our everyday lives, whether at work or at home. We can't imagine living without it because it powers all electrical and technological equipment. Our summers are made more bearable by air conditioners and coolers, while computers and other technological devices have become an indispensable part of our daily life. However, during inclement weather, when power outages are common, a home or business inverter saves the day. During a power outage, a home inverter converts and regulates the power source and provides the proper amount of voltage to keep electrical equipment running. It is a necessary instrument that allows us to carry out our everyday chores and routines without interruption.

Digital Inverter

One of the oldest companies in India, Microtek produces inexpensive batteries and inverters all around the nation. This inverter is energy-efficient and easy on your power costs, with a beautiful and ergonomic design. Through its sine waves, the inverter assures the security of various delicate home gadgets.

V-Guard Inverter

Another brand name in Indian families for many years is V-Guard, which makes electrical appliances. This product's Battery Gravity Builder is its finest feature. By offering protection from overcharge and deep discharge, prolongs the life of the inverter's battery and keeps it in good condition.

Hybrid Sine Wave Inverter

The most popular inverter of its kind is this one. The inverter has a robust backup battery UPS system and is designed using a Micro Controller. This device has a variety of Standard Voltage Range selections that can be used with voltages ranging from 100V to 300V. This inverter generates pure sine waves at an output power of 580W.

Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

This model is an additional item from the extensive line of Luminous inverters. Here's why the Luminous Zelio+ is regarded as the most clever power backup system: Battery water level maintenance is easy and hassle-free. The inverter is well-equipped with a bypass option in case of a home UPS problem. The inverter is also renowned for its overload-prevention features.

Cruze Wave UPS Inverter

This inverter can handle huge loads and is appropriate for all kinds of commercial buildings. All the delicate electrical gadgets are safe when linked to this device because of the extensive power backup. The inverter's operating voltage is 180V, and its maximum power usage is 1600 Watts.

Square Wave Inverter

For those seeking an inverter with good features and performance, the Microtek Inverter is a fantastic option. The LCD display on the inverter makes it simple to use, and it is also furnished.

Luminous Inverter & Battery Combo with Trolley

A full inverter battery solution for your home and office is the Luminous Inverter & Battery Combo with Trolley for Home, Office & Shops (Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter, RC 15000 120 Ah Tubular Battery). It has a trolley included for simple portability. A clever 32-bit DSP processor and a digital display are features of the inverter. The battery is an extremely sturdy tall tubular inverter battery with water level indicators.

Solar PCU Inverter

The Smarten Superb Inverter is a cutting-edge inverter that can power a variety of equipment. For effective operation and simple monitoring, it incorporates an LCD display and a cutting-edge DSP controller. A 50Amp MPPT solar controller is also included, increasing efficiency by 30%. Additionally, it features a gird charging enable/disable option and supports panels up to 1800 Watts.