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Select-a-Size Paper Towels are rough yet delicate at the same time, making them ideal for scrubbing floors or cleaning delicate objects. When it comes to certain items, I always opt for the generic name to save a few dollars. Medicine, batteries, morning cereal, and other items fall under this category. Bounty, on the other hand, is a brand I trust when it comes to paper towels. Millions of other people across the country feel the same way. Select-a-Size paper towels are thick and absorbent, soaking up more liquid than any other paper towels I’ve tried, easily justifying their somewhat higher price because you need less of them each cleanup than you would with a flimsier option.

Paper towels are gentle enough to use on paint brushes (or makeup brushes), jewellery, ornamental items, electronics, and other fragile goods. However, you can roll up a Bounty paper towel and use it to scour pots and pans, scrub bathroom tiles or kitchen floors, or clean the grime and oil off your car, bike, or lawn mower. I know since I clean the car, bike, and mowers on a regular basis. Though certainly not as much as I should be.