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Happy Little Feet is a brand of children's shoes.

Running around a playground brings back childhood memories, and giving your children these kinds of experiences is the most significant gift you can offer them. What better way to travel around than in a pair of one-of-a-kind but comfortable shoes? Online shopping for children's shoes is easy with Best Price Mall. From pink bow ballerina flats for your little princess to royally strutting around that birthday celebration she's been anticipating for months to sporty footwear for your little dancing champ to shake a leg in, Best Price Mall has it all. Best Price Mall makes shopping for children's shoes online simple, allowing you to browse without having to worry about your kids wreaking havoc in a store.

It's a child's game to jump from one brand to the next.

Best Price Mall features a vast selection of brands for kids, like Puma, Adidas, Nike, and many others. Prepare your children to play or attend their school's sports practise in comfortable footwear so they can pursue their dream of becoming a sportsman. Have a good time with vibrant colours from Kittens, Lilliput, Bruna Manetti, and other footwear brands. There's nothing like wearing colourful crocs in the summer, rain, or winter; this easy-to-wear footwear is delightful to wear and helps their tiny feet to breathe effortlessly. Take captivating photos with your girls wearing attractive outfits and your boys wearing scrunched jeans with funky watches and laced with boots from CUTECUMBER, Beanz, United Colours of Benetton, and other brands.

Sandals Z-Trail by Xero Shoes

One of the most well-known barefoot shoe companies, Xero Shoes, produces the Z-Trail, which they refer to as the "perfect trail-friendly" sandal. The Z-Trails are now my go-to footwear for hiking, going to the beach, kayaking, and pretty much any warm-weather activity since I started wearing them earlier this year.

Lunacitos Luna Sandals

The Lunacitos, a kid-friendly version of Luna Sandals, are fantastic adventure sandals. These children's barefoot sandals are designed to "travel anywhere, do anything." They have an incredibly strong Vibram Moreflex sole and are lightweight.

Children's Merrell Bare Steps Sandals

These Kids Bare Steps Sandals are a true minimalist sandal with a flat, flexible sole and a big toe box, unlike the more usual Merrell sandals which can be a little clumsy. These are excellent for outdoor use because of the sturdy traction on the soles. The straps are simply velcro, although they have the dressier appearance of buckles.

Walk Scuba Sandals, Bobux I

Although Bobux doesn't promote itself as a barefoot shoe maker, several of its children's shoes include a big toe box, zero drop, and flexible soles. Kids can choose from a wide selection of minimalist sandals from Bobux, such the incredibly light I-Walk Scuba. The two substantial straps firmly and comfortably cling on, and the soles are designed to simulate the advantages of bare feet.

Keota Children's Unshoes

The goal of Unshoes is to create shoes that allow individuals to move freely. The Keota sandal for kids is one of the casual, outdoor minimalist styles that Unshoes offers. This children's barefoot sandal boasts a zero-drop, 5mm flexible sole. To aid prevent it from catching, the sole has a very tiny upward pull at the toe.

Planet Runners

Kids' barefoot sandals made by Earth Runners promote healthy foot development and a connection to nature. They produce these sandals on demand at a small workshop in Sonoma County, California. You can choose between a 9mm sole and an 8mm sole (that also has an Earth-Grip footbed). The sandals with the 8mm Vibram soles shown below.

Vivobarefoot Kids Sandals

Vivobarefoot typically offers a range of kids barefoot sandals, though they haven’t been released on the Vivobarefoot website yet.

Sneaker, Merrell Bare

Kids can wear the Merrell Bare Steps H20 Sneakers barefoot in the summer and on the water. These shoes have qualities similar to those of barefoot footwear, such as an extremely wide toe box, a flexible sole, and an easy slip-on and slip-off design with a wide velcro strap to secure the foot.