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A surgical mask, often called a medical face mask or a procedure mask, acts as a mechanical barrier that prevents direct airflow into and out of respiratory orifices (i.e. nose and mouth). This prevents germs and other impurities from being spread onto a patient by a surgeon or anybody else coughing, accidently spitting, etc. Because of the typically loose fit between the mask edges and the wearer’s face, surgical masks only provide partial protection from diseases transmitted via airborne transmission, despite the fact that the material surgical masks are made of will filter some viruses and bacteria out of the air breathed in or out.

Surgical Mask

Filtering respirators, such as those built to the American N95 standard, are designed to guard against airborne transmission, whereas surgical masks are not. Surgical masks come in a variety of styles, including surgical, isolation, dentistry, and medical procedure masks.

The evidence that surgical masks decrease infection from diseases including influenza and COVID-19 is minimal, according to randomized controlled trials. Despite the fact that a recent big (over 300,000 people) study found modest indication that they reduced community transmission. [8] Surgical masks, on the other hand, can be of varying quality, making these research less informative. Surgical masks work by filtering out some of the aerosol particles that are responsible for the transmission of airborne illnesses.