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Football quarterback Benjamin Russell Jr. came up with the idea for sweatshirts for sports in 1926 while he was looking for an alternative to woollen jumpers. The itching and chafing produced by old-fashioned sweaters irritated the athlete, and he desired a better option. He designed loose, collarless, thick cotton pullovers with the support of his father’s garment company, which evolved into today’s sturdy sweatshirts for men.

Sweatshirts are now preferred for their aesthetics as well as their practicality. You can also express yourself with a catchy slogan or a sweatshirt with a university logo. Men’s sweatshirts can also be used for training and getting in shape before a major game. We are pleased to provide a diverse selection of fashionable sweatshirts for guys on Best Price Mall. You have a range of colour, fabric, and pattern options to pick from.