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Best Kids’ T-Shirts

Finding nice children’s clothing can be tricky, especially when it comes to well-worn staples like kids’ T-shirts. You want a kids’ tee that’s functional, meaning it’ll keep its shape and color after countless spills and stains and cycles in the washing machine. But you also want it to be cute, something that expresses your child’s personality and doesn’t take itself too seriously. So to find the best T-shirts for kids that strike that balance between fashion with function, we surveyed nine stylish parents about their picks, ranging from toddlers to 10-year-olds. Below, 15 of their kid-tested and parent-approved picks.

Pink cotton t-shirt

Candice Pool Neistat, the creator of Finn Jewelry and Billy, says, "I fantasised about wearing my kid in sophisticated French labels, but, unfortunately, it's merely cotton graphic tees from Target and H&M." "And all frills are off. Weep, le. She will only wear it, and I'm fine with that (now). If she spills paint on them or if I wash and dry them repeatedly, I don't feel awful.

New York T-Shirt

Shirin von Wulffen, a co-founder of Bastide, recommends Zara as another affordable choice. They have just the right amount of joy and colour for kids, as well as just the right amount of flair for moms. The lengths, cotton, and cuts are all excellent.

T-shirt in Henley

Kids' t-shirts from Zara with no designs are also around $20 and have a similarly sleazy vibe and surprisingly lovely details, like the buttons on this Henley.

Short-Sleeve T-Shirt with a Crewneck

Another Strat-approved brand for affordable but high-quality tees is Uniqlo, and their children's shirts uphold that standard as well. Uniqlo has been mentioned in our roundups of the finest black t-shirts for men, white t-shirts as evaluated by our editors, and even celebrities' favourite t-shirts.

Bonton Multicolored Striped T-Shirt

Djuna Bel, a stylist, has worn a couple children's t-shirts repeatedly this summer. For kids' essentials—or fundamentals with a twist, like this striped T-shirt—Bonton is simply always an excellent option.

Pocket T-Shirt with Short Sleeves

These striped Bonton shirts are a more affordable yet still attractive substitute.

Bobo Choses Bicolour Sun T-Shirt

The finest children's T-shirt award is tied, according to Elizabeth Antonia, creative director of Early Riser Companion and proprietor of Yeah! Rentals, and her children. Bobo chose the Bicolour Sun T-shirt. My go-to brands for children's T-shirts are Bobo Choses and Nico Nico Kids. They are typically organic and quite soft, which is a major advantage in my book. My daughters usually try to grab them. Our favourite item this season is the Nico Nico Lucky Eye Tee. This Bobo Choses Sun t-shirt is also fantastic.