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Men's Titan Watches

One of the top watch brands in India is Titan. Since its founding in 1984, Titan has maintained its tradition and remains one of the top watch brands in India. Under their own brands, such as Fastrack, Sonata, Titan Raga, Nebula, Xylys, Helios, Zoop, etc., they have a large selection of timepieces. To make your entry into the Titan universe easier, we have put together a list of the top Titan watches for men and women in India. You can also check out the best Timex and Fastrack watches for men and women in India right here.

Titan Regalia Chronograph Men's Watch NH9308BM01

This watch is a great value with a circular silver display and a golden bezel. It has three subdials with adjustment buttons at the third, sixth, and twelve o'clock hourmark positions.

Men's Watch, Titan Neo 1730SL02

This watch is the ideal finishing touch for business attire because it is made of genuine leather.
With a pair of pants and a dress shirt, wear this watch with a brown leather strap.

Men's Watch, Titan Karishma NH9151SM01

The white dial on this analogue watch is rectangular in shape. A unique three-piece sliding clasp is attached to its silver, stainless steel strap.

Men's Titan NM1584SL03 Watch

Titan's Neo series combines elegance and use to provide a high-quality item. It has a silver dial with stick markers and a date for simple reading. This elegant silver-dial watch looks its best when worn with sharp formal clothes.

Men's Watch: Titan Karishma NM1636SM01

The 10 cent Euro was used as inspiration for the watch's design, and the strap is made of bimetal gold and has a sliding clasp.
With a casual shirt in a solid colour, wear this metallic watch with a black dial and silver strap.

Men's Titan NL1729SL01 Watch

This watch has a circular, stainless steel casing with a silver dial. A buckle fastening secures the robust black leather strap.

Men's Titan NL1715YM02 Watch

This watch is made to last and be comfortable to wear every day. It is water resistant and has a gold stainless steel strap.

Men's Titan Watch NM1639SL03 with a White Dial

This watch is an excellent option for everyday usage thanks to its remarkable features, which include water resistance, a leather band, and a safe buckle clasp.
You may make a statement with your particular style by wearing this leather strap and white dial.