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Satisfy Your Craving For Offbeat Fashion With Women Wear

The evolving needs of Indian women, combined with centuries of colonial domination in India, have steadily created Indo-Western fashion styles. Today's Bharatiya Nari is a successful businesswoman who also prioritises her family, necessitating the creation of attire that is both practical and inspired by classic Indian traditional wear. As a result, fusion wear was born, combining the finest of both Indian and Western fashion styles. We have everything you need, including kurtis, salwar kameez, dress material, and more, with a tinge of both western and Indian charm. So come see for yourself at India's leading online fashion destination, Best Price Mall, where you'll find exquisite fusion wear.

Tips For Women's Clothing

The key to finding the ideal Indian fusion clothing for you is to consider your body type, personal style, the event, and the time of day or weather. We've compiled a list of helpful hints for nailing the Indo-Western look every time

  1.  The saree, like western suits, is a versatile item of clothing that does not appear to be going out of style anytime soon. So, for an effortlessly stunning look, opt for a cape-style fusion saree in your favourite colour. For added panache, wear your hair in a slick high ponytail with a few hair accessories. Depending on how elaborate the saree design is, you can wear this look for practically any occasion and at any time of day.
  2.  When it comes to fuss-free yet stylish everyday wear, fusion wear tunics are your best bet. Choose from styles that feature a mandarin collar, butterfly sleeves, halter straps, an asymmetric, cascading hem, and more. Different brilliant colours and the most recent, contemporary prints may leave you unsure of what to buy and what to save for later. For a basic yet attractive appearance, mix your favourite tunics with anything from jeggings to skirts.
  3. In our Indian fusion wear line, kurtas, kurtis, patialas, anarkalis, leggings, harem trousers, and other popular ethnic wear items have been given a modern-day twist. There's something for everyone and every occasion, including college, work, marriages, poojas, and seasonal celebrations.
  4. Accessories such as dupattas, shawls, saree blouses, jackets, and others will allow you to change it up and wear your favourite pieces in a variety of ways for various occasions. Keep the remainder of your wardrobe understated if you're wearing an over-the-top kurta or saree.


Jackets are now worn for many reasons than just keeping warm in the winter. Women's jackets have evolved into season-neutral fashion accessories. You'll notice that blazers are in right now and for the entire year. Women's Waistcoats fashion trends have evolved over time to become more complex and varied. Find the newest fashion items in a variety of styles with embellishments, hoods, collars, and patterns in a variety of fabrics and colours by browsing online catalogues from a number of top-tier firms.

Ethnic wear

Choose from our wide range of ethnic clothing for a delicate yet stylish style. Put them along with slim-fitting jeggings for a trendy look, or go boho-chic with long skirts and silver jewellery. Put your danglers in a fishtail braid and wear an ethnic outfit to steal the show! Wear a skinny belt over ethnic tunics to define your waist, or combine ethnic tops with kitsch patterned leggings for a cool look.

Jackets and coats

Wearing multiple layers of clothing is the secret to staying warm in the winter. However, does it really have to be that way? At least not with the jackets from Decathlon. To be warm, you only need one jacket. We design winter coats that protect you from the cold while also keeping you warm. Ladies' winter coats are available in a wide variety at Decathlon.

Kurtis, tunics & tops

An outfit can be rapidly improved with the right style, giving you a more polished and fashionable appearance. Tops provide us a lot of room to experiment with new fits and styles, whether it's the hard power shoulder sleeve or the fluttery sleeves made popular by the French girl look. Best Price Mall carries some of the most fashionable tops for the current season. You can browse, filter, and shop for your preferred national and international brands at the price you wish to spend.


Take a look at our intriguing selection of lovely women's jeans with price options while you're shopping online for tops and T-shirts, and choose your favourite styles at an affordable price.


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kurtas & suits

In various nations of southern Asia, including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, both men and women wear urtas as their traditional attire. A kurta is a shirt without a collar in Persian. Although it started off being popular among men's fashion trends, it gradually started to catch on with women's fashion trends. Shorter women's kurtas are now referred to as "kurtis."

Kurtis, tunics & tops

There's something energising about a well-fitting shirt in terms of casual wear. An outfit can be rapidly improved with the right style, giving you a more polished and fashionable appearance. Tops provide us a lot of room to experiment with new fits and styles, whether it's the hard power shoulder sleeve or the fluttery sleeves made popular by the French girl look.